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Mom Vs. Jess: Getting Up at Night to Pee


I kind of have to pee
Should I get up?
I think of other things
Like how good sleep feels
Soon after
I repress the urge
Falling heavily back into sleep
I wake up the next morning
As though my night
Had never been disturbed.

Mom (33 weeks):

Do I want to get up out of bed?
The exercise alone will wake me up
I’m holding it
He just moved his head
Onto my bladder
I have no choice now
I roll to my side
Sitting up slowly
Not at all graceful
Waddling to the bathroom
Eureka for momentary relief!
Finally, I try to relax back into sleep
Oliver gets the hiccups
It’s an hour before they stop
5am and I am wide awake
If I get up for the day now
I’ll be super tired the rest of the day
I fall lightly back to sleep
Never fully
Comfort has forsaken me
I will rehash the same decision
Will the outcome be the same?
Because there’s really no “holding it”
At 33 weeks pregnant.

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