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Mom Vs. Jess: Deciding What to Wear

April 2, 2015

Jess (Before Pregnancy)

I look in the closet stacked with several options of clothes
The decision is difficult due to the ocean of choices
I am focused on finding something that matches
Maybe, I’ll match my bra and underwear today
Go crazy and match my socks
I go for it because I can and because I have some extra time
I grab a colored undershirt and a complimentary top
Find my grey jeans
They fit perfectly
Everything I own fits
Feeling cute because I match
Face the day satisfied with my choices

Mom (36 Weeks Pregnant)

The closet may look full but the choices are slim
Real question is
What can I wear today that I haven’t already worn this week?
Grab one of two pairs of maternity jeans
Dang I grabbed the one with the small bleach stain on the knee
Oh, well
I already bent over to pick them up
On they go, though slightly baggy due to excessive wear
I choose a bra
Hopefully it won’t suffocate me today
I attempt to shuffle through my clothes and find an undershirt
Again, I come up with a nude colored one I got from my mom
Damn, when did this one get too small for me?
I wear it anyways because it’s already on
I choose a maternity shirt I already wore, but just don’t care what people think
Find out that within the week, I outgrew it
Grabbing another that barely covers the bottom of my belly
I roll with it
I sit because I am out of breath and flustered
Nothing fits anymore
Doing laundry is hard
I go to work feeling huge, dingy, irritable
Not a cute look

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