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Mom vs. Jess: Doing Normal Household Chores

March 8, 2016

Jess (Before Kids or Home Renovation)

A pile of dirty clothes
Casey and mine
Intertwined in an angry dance on the floor
All get thrown into cheaply made laundry baskets of wire, plastic, and mesh
We stop at the bank to get our weight in quarters before heading to the Laundromat
We talk about life and school and the future ahead of us
No plans set in stone
We knew we would do it together
After a couple hours, we had clean clothes for the next month or so
However long it took before the one-to-many-ith time wearing these jeans
Dishes were on rotation
Switching turns cleaning them in the sink
If the place got too messy, I would take on the hour and a half of cleaning
Then I went on with my day
Casey asks me what I want
I name it and we go buy the ingredients and maybe some beer or wine
He makes it at home while I sit on the couch and watch Netflix
Do I watch too much Netflix?
Dinner is made and we enjoy our night eating, drinking, talking, watching our shows
Legs overlapping on the couch

Mom (Oliver 10 Months Old, 24 Weeks Pregnant)

I come home to a dirty house
Every day
There is no point in cleaning
The constant level of powder from drywall and sanding blankets the floor daily as it settles
Casey is busy working on the renovations when I get home from work with Oliver
He and I get heavier by the day
I place him in his pack and play, giving him some snacks
This occupies him for a few minutes
Precious minutes I use to load the dishwasher and maybe swipe a wet rag over the counter
It’s been two weeks since I did laundry, but Oliver has stepped on a soggy “Baby Cheeto”
Really called lil Crunchies Apple and Sweet Potatoes, but Baby Cheetos for short
with his last pair of clean socks
Laundry is not something you can skip with a baby
Food covered most clothes in the basket
I text my mother-in-law to see if she can take him from Friday to Saturday morning
I write a list of all the things I am going to accomplish when she gets him
Once she gets him, Casey and I share a weary look
We end up doing nothing and going to bed early
We wake up early, despite the absence of our baby alarm clock
I clean and do laundry like a mad woman
By the time Oliver is back, there is still more I could do
Clean the bathroom, so I can actually give him a bath without feeling even dirtier
Do more laundry
Seriously, where did all these clothes come from?
Dinner runs the same way
Oliver in his pack and play
Standing with the support of hanging on to the corners
Crying if two minutes have gone by and I haven’t said anything to him
I try picking him up every so often to “help mommy cook”
I get winded quickly with his weight on my protruding stomach
It is exhausting
It is life
And I love the family we have started
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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