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Mom Vs. Jess: Taking a Bath

March 15, 2016

Jess (Before Kids or Home Renovation)

A slight chill runs to my bones
Not too sure why I am cold
Taking a bath sounds like a dream
“Babe, I am taking a bath” I announce
I grab a towel
I’m pretty sure it’s clean
Really wishing I could afford nice bubble bath
Instead I use shampoo, which still smells nice and suds up
I run the water as hot as possible
A good book lay on the toilet at an arm’s reach
I begin to read, devouring the story
Not worried about time
Not thinking about anything but my book and my bath
I get out once the water begins to cool
I am at a good stopping point in my book
Probably going to go watch Netflix again with my boyfriend


Mom (Oliver 10 Months Old, 25 Weeks Pregnant) Renovations still going on

My sciatic nerve has been acting up causing pain in my lower back
A nice Epsom Salt bath would be nice
My nice and new tub sit in the middle of the living room covered in a layer of drywall dust
How I long to bathe in its massive and comfortable shape
Instead, I must settle for the awkwardly shaped square tub in the current bathroom
“Babe, I am going to take a bath. Is that okay?”
More of a question than an announcement
Someone has to watch Oliver, especially since he can crawl and pull up on everything
I luck out, and this seems to be one of few nights I can take a bath
I grab my book club book, a towel, clothes, socks, and shoes
Dust coats the bathroom as well
There is no walking upstairs without shoes
I fill the bath with hot, but not super-hot water (to be safe for baby #2 on the way)
I put several pumps of Eucalyptus Epsom salt gel under the running water
The aroma alone is sweet salvation, a small but appreciated reward
I step in and adjust, trying to get comfortable in the awfully shaped tub
Laying back is nearly impossible
I crack open my book and read a couple pages
I think I hear a cry coming from the basement (where we currently stay and sleep)
I stop reading and cock my head to the side listening
He’s fine, I tell myself and go back to reading
Should I get out and relieve Casey?
Maybe a few more minutes, I’ll finish this chapter
I sit and negotiate with myself, until I shake it off and get back to reading
The water seems too hot now and I start sweating as my face transitions red
I should get out now
I dry off in the tub and try getting socks and shoes on
One foot at a time to avoid getting dust on my clean feet
I take one final deep breath
and head back down to the dungeon

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