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Mom vs. Jess: Arguments/Fights

June 7, 2016

Jess (Before Kids)

Casey and I disagree about something
Some comment was made, action was taken
One person was left upset, angry
Sometimes voices are raised, more hurtful comments hurtling
Back and forth, hurting
A lot of times I remove myself from the room
Finding an empty room (usually the bathroom) to cry
Other occasions, Casey would leave the apartment
That or go to sleep
He is one for distance during a fight
Taking a breather, sleeping on it
I want to talk it out, get it over with
Clashing between methods
Solving issues in a day or so
No breathers for me
He’s not one to cry
He doesn’t understand crying
It’s my way of processing, letting out the sadness, the hurt
Seeking comfort during this time
Fights are never easy
The best couples out there fight
But with any two people living in close proximity
They are bound to happen

Mom (Oliver 1 year old, End of third Trimester with Henry)

Sometimes a fight with a spouse can fester from something small
Rolling into a mess of other fights quickly
When the fight raises decibel
I attempt to leave the room Oliver is in
Blissfully playing in his pack and play, unaware
Is he?
I am crying
I don’t show Oliver
Casey went into the backyard to do something
I fled to the bathroom to cry
I cleaned off my face and walked to Oliver
Repeating to myself
I have to be a mom first, a mom first
I get Oliver a bottle
Tears still begging to be let down
I ignore them as I feed my son
Now I realize my husband is gardening
Using his distance method
I have to be a mom first
I would never say anything out loud to Oliver
Never saying anything negative about his dad
I love his dad, his dad is an amazing dad
I want the fight to end, to be a happy again
Get on with the night
Mom first, mom first
I don’t like to bottle up my feelings
I set them free so I can let go, move on
But I also can’t let them go through my son
Times can be hard when a fight occurs with a spouse
Love must conquer all

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