Mom vs. Jess: Adding A Newborn

Jess (Before Kids)

My life is MY life
My fault if I don’t sleep
Easy to leave the house, the city even
At the drop of a hat
I eat what I want, when I want
Take baths when I want
Enjoy alcoholic beverages
Act like a kid

Jess (With TWO Kids)

Jess before kids
was a kid
I speak of her in 3rd person
The more kids one has
The more distance is created between
Memories grow weak in their luster
Was there ever a time before kids?
One kid seemed manageable
One to get to and from daycare
One to bundle up in the winter
to get in and out of the carseat
The first kid is a trap
Sweet and sleeping through the night
The second waking every other hour to feed
Feed on my youth
Feed on my sanity
With two, one is bound to be awake
With two, you are always awake
What is sleep?
Oh well, I’ve been told I’ll sleep in five years.

4 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: Adding A Newborn”

  1. Wait til you get three 😊
    Hang in there ..I was like you once and just recently I’m a mum of two adult kids only one more to to go tell the oldest off to turn down her music so I can sleep.

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