Mom vs. Jess: Fine Dining


Casey realizes we have some extra cash
Either we sold something on Craigslist
or we won some money at the casino
Maybe it’s just a special occasion, like my birthday
Red Lobster is our “fancy” restaurant of choice
We get ready in our shared bathroom
Pretending not to see each other before the final product
It makes it more “date-like” that way
“You look beautiful”
He says this and I smile
Blush a little
We head out the door
Table for two
We sit and order what we always do
A pound and a half of crab legs, each
When they arrive we dig in
Enjoying the food
Enjoying each other


We decide to eat somewhere nice
It’s been a while, but we feel we deserve some good food
We have an amazing double stroller
It fits the kids and all that comes with them
Table for…
How many of us are there now?
Used to say two and a half
Somehow we figure it out and sit down
The waitress takes our order
Oliver begins to cry
Almost a year and a half old, he wants what he wants
And he wants it now
Henry follows in his brothers footsteps
Shrieking loudly
Others around the restaurant search for the direction of the noise
It’s not hard to spot us
Casey and I look at each other and shrug, going into teamwork mode
He grabs Oliver and sits him on his lap
I pull Henry from the trappings of his carseat and pull him toward me
Something is wet
I grab a diaper and wipes
Carry him to the bathroom
That is where I realize
The wet isn’t pee…
The wet is all over him and his clothes
I don’t have another outfit
My bad
I change him and carry him back out in only a diaper
His soiled clothes in my other hand
People are really staring now
At least the crying stopped
Casey sits Oliver in his chair and feeds him
I put Henry back and prop a bottle in his mouth
We still have yet to take a bite of our food
We hurry through the meal once both kids are settled
Rushing through the evening to get the kids back home
To get clothes back on Henry
There goes another night
I wonder how Casey’s day was.


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