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Mom vs. Jess: Being Sick


That lump in the throat signals it
I am about to get cold
My eyes covered in the concrete of my impending illness
I will go to bed early tonight
For now, Casey and I will relax and watch TV
He never gets sick
Not fair
I take a bath
That helps a bit
Down some NyQuil
Pass out until the next morning
Never moving from the position I collapsed into
A few nights like this and the cold subsides


I can not get sick right now
Parents don’t get sick days, NyQuil said it themselves
NyQuil will make me even more tired, so I take DayQuil
Sneezing begins followed by weariness
Blowing my nose until it becomes ragged and raw
I just need some sleep
Both kids are also sick
They come first
Through the night sounds
Sniffling, coughing, crying
No one gets sleep
My head is throbbing as Henry begin shrieking
Can’t he cry just a tad quieter?
Oliver is crying too
Coughing so hard until he vomits
Casey and I break into teamwork mode once again
Oliver and Casey cleaning up in the bathroom
as I clean out the pack and play full of puke
I really just need some sleep
An hour goes by before we are all back in bed
Henry cries again for another bottle
Sleeeeeep…. Pleaaaaase!
Clocked around 3-4 hours of sleep
as I face the longest cold/cough of my life.

4 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: Being Sick”

      1. We’ve found that you never see it coming until it’s too late. We’ve stocked up on DayQuil. With four feeding at night for the four month old, we can’t afford to be groggy!


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