Mom vs. Jess: Re-Wearing Clothes


Haven’t done laundry in a while
Not sure when the last time was
It’s morning and I need a pair of jeans
I begin to dig
Diving into a full laundry basket
The bathroom floor?
Under the bed?
Not sure how many times I’ve worn this pair
They still look relatively clean
Bring them to my nose and take a drag
I put them on
Good enough for today
I should probably do laundry soon
It takes me another week or so to follow through.


It is the crack of dawn
Time to get ready then get the kids ready for daycare
Where did all of my pants go?
The floor is masked in a layer of clothes
It’s hard to keep up sometimes
I swim in the sea of clothes
Hoping to find a hidden gem
Yes! My light pink pants!
Turning them right side in
I slide them on in the dimly lit bedroom
Walking into the bathroom in search of socks
I notice some smudges on my knee
Oliver likes to put food in his mouth
then walk over to me
Spitting the contents onto my knee
From the looks of it
My knee is pink with a shade of goldfish
I look at myself in the mirror and shrug
This is my life now
I wear the pants anyway
If someone asks
I spilled breakfast this morning on my clean pants
I hope to do laundry this weekend
I do one load of jeans and give up for the time being.

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