Mom vs. Jess: What’s Disgusting?


Casey seems like he may be sick
I love him
I want to take care of him
He burst through the door of our apartment
Puking in the garbage can
I start gagging
Almost vomiting myself
I love him
but I leave the room
I can still hear it
I gag again
He knows I don’t do puke
I have a strong sense of smell
and a strong gag reflex
Babe, you’re gonna take that garbage out right?
He seems done with this bout
Looking better already
As he takes the newly filled garbage can out to the dumpster.


Oliver learned a new trick
He now knows how to take off his own diaper
After one of his naps, he got into one
Full of poop
I walked in to grab him for snack
The smell alone struck me as I flipped on the light
Oh. My. GOD!
He looked up at me with poop smeared across his face
A face that seemed filled with pride of his work
It was caked between his little fingers
Peaking from the corners of his mouth
I backed out of the room
Bursting with laughter as I raced over to Casey
Uncontrollable laughter blocked my words
I motioned for him to come quick
To see what his son had done
Oh. My. GOD!
I began to video as we walked into the room
Probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed
Yet, I couldn’t stop laughing
Where is my disgust sensor, you ask?
My kids broke it.

See the video yourself!

6 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: What’s Disgusting?”

  1. Oh My Gosh! I love this Post! I had Two under Two years of age and yes the Diaper Discoveries were Madness! I had One that just loved to find Treasures! You’re doing awesome. Hang in there! -Maria

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Soo True. Motherhood is truly an Adventure. I used to put on my kids diapers backwards so they wouldn’t be so tempted to pull the diaper tabs off… A tip just in case it helps. Hugs!

        Liked by 1 person

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