Mom vs. Jess: Halloween


I love candy
I was 18 when I last went trick or treating
Went to one house and went back home
18 is too old to ask for free candy
I will have to wait until I have kids to do this again
That will be a long time from now! (Ha!)
I love costumes (scary not slutty ones)
The decorations
All of it was exciting until I went to college
Casey and I did a few Halloween parties
But nothing is as good as youthful Halloween traditions
Watching scary movies
Going to haunted houses and hayrides
Getting creative with costumes and decorations
Carving pumpkins and pumpkin seed snacking
As a grown up, these things are lost
Until a kid is present.


Oliver is finally (somewhat) old enough to trick or treat
Sooner than anticipated
Costumes and candy
Getting excited about the holiday
Something about being a parent for Halloween is different
Vicarious in a beautiful, mystical way
Seeing wonder in his eyes when he tries different candies
So much more rewarding than being a kid myself
Appreciating these moments as I have them
They too will pass as my childhood did
Especially with two kids at 24
Halloween and every holiday to come has wonder again
I can’t help the bubbling excitement rising
For my kids’ future wonders
That anticipation that kept you up Christmas eve
dissipated as you grew up and life got real
But now, because of them, magic and wonder is alive again.

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