Mom vs. Jess: Clean by Definition


I love the smell of cleaning solvents
When used, a space can smell clean
Clean is walking anywhere in the apartment in bare feet
No foreign smells
A lack of chaos
Clean is peaceful
I start from top to bottom
Taking my time
Switching loads of laundry when I have the chance
Casey is either working
Or doing something else in a different room
I bring a tornado of clean
Opposing the Tasmanian devil in my wake
My mom taught me to clean like this
As did my one summer stint as a cleaning lady
I test the floors with my bare hands after cleaning
Making sure I didn’t miss a single spec or crumb
Clean is folded clothes and clean options to wear
I sit and rest my body that aches and throbs
At least it will be clean for several days
For now, everything is clean
Worth it.


Again, we have a night without the kids
Grammy takes them, giving us time
A small, but precious amount of time
Chaotically renovating (yes, still)
While trying to live within said chaos
We wake early Saturday grabbing coffee
Assessing the damage
Casey begins his work on the kitchen projects
I start with all cleaning projects I had in mind
Laundry is gathered and started
The hallway bathroom takes two hours
I move to the car
Switching Oliver’s seat around
Finding food in every crevasse
I sweep out debris with my hands
Good enough
I have other things to do
It took over an hour just to do what I did
I go back inside
Cleaning our bedroom, then the living room
The boys spend most time there
The highchair and everything around it is a disaster
Oliver is definitely a food slinger
I sweep and vacuum
Good enough
Clean is seeing the floor again
Finally, it’s been a while
The kids come back and by the end of dinner
I start to lose sight of it again.

4 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: Clean by Definition”

  1. I’ve just had back surgery so confined to bed at the minute but I must say the serious lack of cleaning smells is driving me mad. Everyone in my house has their own definition of clean and it most definitely is not on the same wave length as mine. Loved your piece, brilliantly writing. X

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I always ask my husband if we can just hire someone once a month to clean for me. With two kids in daycare, I know it won’t happen any time soon! I hope your back is recovering well!

      Liked by 1 person

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