Mom vs. Jess: Weekend Shopping


Finally the weekend has arrived
Saturday morning sleeping in
Going out for coffee at Starbucks
Who cares if a coffee is $4 for a tall
Casey and I are in the car driving around
We could go to the antique shops
Casey suggests
and we are en route
We find a cramped parking spot across the street
Squeezing out to avoid dinging the cars next to us
The store is small
Packed tightly with historically forgotten items
It smells heavy with age
but we are excited by what is new to us
We peruse through old postcards and books
Examining paintings and pottery
Taking our time before walking to the next store
And the next
We don’t end up buying anything
but it was fun to look
To imagine what could be created or repurposed
We end up getting food and going back home
Spending the rest of the evening cuddled up with each other
and Netflix.


The weekend is a Catch 22
Yes, we aren’t at work
but there is still a constant job to be done
At 6am, Oliver is awake
Dada, dada, dadadadadada
He repeats over and over until we arise
Acknowledging him, bringing him into bed
The queen-size bed that now has four people in it
Casey and I exchange a weary glance
We aren’t going back to sleep
Choosing which kid to get ready
We break off into morning mode
The same as any week day
Changing the kids’ diapers then dressing them
While simultaneously getting ready ourselves
We need coffee
And head to Panera after 10 minutes of loading everyone in the car
Panera is cheaper and has food for Oliver
Ah, living with a budget
We drive around trying to figure out what to do next
After the struggle of loading the car
Might as well not waste the effort just for a quick breakfast
We could go to some furniture stores
I agree as we approach a designer store
Ooo let’s go to DWELL!
The stroller is too big and they have stairs with no elevator
So, we don’t go there
We don’t go anywhere
Nothing else is open this early
Might as well just go home.

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