Mom vs. Jess: My Birthday


I wake up in New York
A last minute trip with Casey
My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year
What do you on Thanksgiving in New York?
Go to the Macy’s Day Parade, of course!
I’m vibrating with excitement
What better way to spend the day/holiday?
Happy Birthday!
Casey repeats again and again
Playful, fun
We grab some Dunkin’ Donuts
An egg and cheese bagel with a cup of coffee
Weaving in and out of the masses of people
The rubber soles of my Chuck’s beginning to freeze
I don’t even care that my feet are numb
Celebrities and TV personalities pass by
Three-hours of floats and giant balloon characters go by
Lunch is on the brain
We walk across the city
Stumbling upon a cute restaurant and stopping for food
We spend the rest of the day wandering the streets and shops
Daydreaming about our future together
What would come next after we graduate college?
We eat at another delicious restaurant for dinner
Tired from the day of walking
We fall into each other
Sealing a magical day
I am now 22
One of my favorites.


I did not get enough sleep
Back to work the Monday after Thanksgiving break
Real live has struck me
My birthday melting into any other day
We were supposed to provide snack for Oliver’s class
Shit, we forgot
Quickly stopping to get some applesauce pouches before drop-off
Playing catch up at work
Stressing about work things
Casey and I work out, which feels nice after all the over-eating
and excessive drinking
I want Red Lobster
I have a birthday coupon, so why not?
At the restaurant, Oliver is yelling because I won’t let him eat a crayon
We order two-pounds of crab
Getting Oliver some popcorn shrimp
He decides he would rather eat our crab
Like mother/father like son
Every time we stop feeding him our food to enjoy it ourselves
He screams or yells “MORE!” as loud as he can
I laugh, finding it cute that he is starting to talk more
(With real words)
Our waitress brings an ice cream sundae for me
Oliver eats most of it
But I don’t mind sharing
Once we are home and both boys are asleep
We start the bath
A nice, hot epsom salt bath with Eucalyptus Spearmint
Our tub is amazing in size and comfort
Casey and I relax and chat, later watching some tv
Though like any other day
My 25th birthday was a day I shared with my husband and both kids
The first of many to come.

5 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: My Birthday”

  1. Love your blog !!!! I am the opposite of you or should say your life I m growing into my two Kids growing up my daughter 21 my son 16 getting his license….can you say scared hahaha my son is a bit more reckless then my daughter.. . so my life is gone from kid parties to late night texting where are you to my hair greying faster then I want it to. and my husband and I reconnecting …not use to all the alone time we have now. so enjoy and I look forward to enjoying your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! My blog will definitely be growing with my kiddos! Good luck with the young driver. I can’t even imagine my boys driving! Reconnecting with the husband sounds like much travel and exploring restaurants and new hobbies! Fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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