Mom vs. Jess: Watching TV


Casey and I subscribe to Netflix
There are almost too many shows to binge on
We become Netflix gluttons
Constantly watching and finishing shows
Eating good food
Drinking wine, beer, whatever
Couch cuddling
Common phrase: Let’s watch our show
No distractions or disturbances
Revisiting this routine daily
Falling asleep around 10 or later.


We get home and Oliver is already fussy
Having a full blown tantrum on the floor
Henry has a binky and he doesn’t
I yell out, Super Simple Songs!
Oliver goes wild as I use the TV for YouTube
I play a Super Simple Songs compilation
Listening/watching the full 55 minutes
Both kids are entranced
The songs get stuck in my head
Casey walks into the living room
Carrying dinner
Oliver gets clicked into his high chair
Henry is given a bottle in his swing
Casey and I put on something for us to watch
As the kids eat silently
Ultimately, I pick a 3D animated movie
From Netflix
At least they throw in A TON of adult humor
They know who is really paying attention
We miss a portion of it cleaning the kids up
Changing them
Getting them ready for bed
Instead of watching the end
We too go to bed
At 8pm.

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