Mom vs. Jess: Exercise


Don’t really need to exercise
My metabolism runs faster than I can
Most days I take it for granted
Casey and I get on an exercise kick
Running in 100 degree weather
After a couple weeks, we quit
I’ve always hated running
What’s the point really?
We are both in seemingly good shape
I’ve always been thin
Never fit
He’s athletic
Always involved in sports
We coasted on our past
Our bodies slowly running out of steam
Ready to catch us
And trip us up.


None of my old clothes fit
Pregnant for two years
Why would they stay faithful to my form
I don’t recognize my body anymore
Casey and I get a gym membership
Dedicating time after work
Running a mile then moving to weights
Casey is a great personal trainer
And free!
After an hour or so we get the kids
But if a kid is sick
No gym
Doctor’s appointment?
No gym
Our overall health and fitness
At the mercy of our kids’ health
I repeat my mantra
5 months until Mexico, 5 months until Mexico
With 15-20 pounds to go
And Christmas rounding the corner
I push myself harder
Knowing I will be in a bathing suit
5 months from now…
I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror
Why hello metabolism
It looks like we are going the same pace.

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