Mom vs. Jess: Answering Unknown Calls


When I see an unknown number
A small panic sets in
How did they get my number?
Who are they?
But curiosity isn’t enough to make me answer
What area code is 302?
Google to the rescue
I don’t know anyone in Delaware
Do I?
No, no I don’t
Maybe they will leave a voicemail
Answer my questions for me
A better option than answering the phone
No voicemail
I let it go
And get on with my day.


Sitting at work
My phone illuminates
Flashing a 563 number
That’s in Iowa at least
My instinct is to let it go to voicemail
But the kids are at daycare
What if one of the girls are calling me
because something happened to one of the boys
I forcefully grab for the phone
Answering on practically the last ring
“Hello? This is Jess.”
A man comes through
“Hi, I saw your ad on Craigslist about the stove.”
TEXT only was in the ad, yet of course they call
While I am at work
In the middle of the day
I scoot him off the phone
Taking a deep breath
Back to work
The boys are fine
Next time it happens
I will probably still answer
Unless my kids are with me.



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