Mom vs. Jess: Sleeping Arrangements


After a long day
Casey and I decide to go to bed
Past 8:30pm, obviously
We lay together
I roll onto my side
Casey slides over to me
Caressing my body with his
I am the little spoon
Staying like this for several minutes
Settling in for the sleep ahead
Until we eventually get uncomfortable
Tossing to opposing ends of the bed
Through the night
We touch
Sometimes I feel him brush hair from my face
Other times I kiss him on the cheek
We constantly, effortlessly establish closeness
Which carries on through the day.


Both kids have shared our bed
Henry is still currently parked between us at night
He is also a bed hog
Constantly turning diagonal
Pushing us both to the cliff of the bed
Our sheets crusted with milk
That he lets slip from the bottle down his cheeks
At 6 months in size 4 diapers
He still manages to pee through and soak the bed
Once they are potty trained
We want a new mattress…
And a water proof cover
For when they have nightmares
Grandma takes the kids for Casey’s birthday
We go to bed
At 8:30pm, obviously
We remember what it is like to cuddle
To be close at night
and feel close in the morning
Until Henry returns to the bed the following night
We meet eyes over the sleeping baby between us
Smiling, remembering
It won’t be long until we reunite in the middle.



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