Guest Blogger: Funny, Sad and True Mom Hacks

By Brandy Christeson, Wordsmith Mama

As moms, we’ve been through it all. Between the chaos of diaper changes and erratic meal times, we’ve had to learn a few tips and tricks for survival. Sometimes these tricks are sad or gross, but all of the time they are down right hilarious. Most moms can relate to these 5 funny, sad and true mom hacks.

How to Hide Food Spills on a Dirty Shirt

Getting out the door with small children every day can be chaos. Between making sure everyone has matching shoes to remembering to pack a duffel bag full of kid supplies, it’s easy to accidentally leave the house with a stain on your shirt.

If you find yourself dropping your kids off at the bus stop with a messy shirt, don’t panic!

The first thing to do is get something to hide the mess. This can be a diaper bag hanging off of your shoulder, your kid’s jacket (becauses they refuse to wear it anyway!) or if you’re really prepared, a cute scarf.

Worst case scenario, remember that experts say the sexist thing a woman can wear is confidence. Keep your head held high and hopefully people will be too distracted by your million dollar smile to notice the peanut butter smear on your shoulder.

Smell Like You’ve Bathed Every Day

It’s not uncommon for moms to go a few days without a shower. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to even rinse of with hot water.

This doesn’t mean you need to smell bad! The first thing is to make sure you clean what you can. Wash your face quickly and at the very least swish some mouthwash. If you get another 2 minutes, take a deodorizing body wipe and hit the hot spots. Buy some with a fresh scent and powder finish and you may just prefer to skip showers altogether from now on.

Clean Your House in Under 10 Minutes

We’ve all had the last minute guest show up at our house unannounced. This may not be a big deal for some, but for busy moms it can spell disaster. We often need at least a few minutes to throw away dirty diapers and clear the dishes out of the sink.

A few quick tips for making your house look clean are to hide stuff, use baskets, and don’t be afraid to throw things. A spare closet makes a great place for loose toys. A basket can be filled with laundry, household items and any other personals that need to be stored away and stashed out of sight. Instead of running back and forth to the laundry room, simply toss it down the hallway and grab it all in one go when you get the chance to walk by.

Always remember that no matter how clean your house is, apologizing for the mess gives guests the illusion that your house is usually cleaner than it appears.

Use Store Bought Cookies at Your Child’s Bake Sale

Moms can be quite passionate about bake sales. There are always requirements on how items should be packaged, how to price things, and don’t even get started on allergy restrictions.

In a pinch, stopping by the store to buy cookies is ok. Always buy a cute dish to serve them on, and if you have a few minutes you can even toss them in the microwave to achieve that freshly baked illusion.

It’s not lying if you just “forget” to mention they were bought from the store and are not your grandmother’s secret recipe!

Clean Everything in Your House With Baby Wipes

Companies sell a thousand cleaning products for every room in your house. Busy moms don’t have the time to go out and browse cleaning aisles looking for the right product when we all have a secret cleaning weapon in our bag: Baby wipes.

Baby wipes come pre-moistened, are heavy duty, and can clean up almost every mess known to man. They are strong enough to clean up baby messes, so why not also use them to dust your mantle? Or wipe crumbs off of your couch? They even make great makeup removers at the end of a long day.

Whether they’d like to publicly admit it or not, every mom has done something funny or gross to get them through the day. Do you have any funny, gross and true mom hacks you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know!

Author Bio

Brandy Christeson is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at Wordsmith Mama. She specializes in topics such a parenting, eco-friendly lifestyles and female entrepreneurship. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her binging on netflix, drinking a giant cup of coffee and playing a prank on her friends and family.

Follow her on facebook for fun articles and stories of her work-at-home-mom-life!

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