Mom vs. Jess: Buying New Electronics


The new iPhone** came out a while ago
I get hand-me-down phones from my mom
Even so
The second that phone is hooked up
Excitement pulses through my fingertips
Oh, the apps I could download
The songs I could jam to
Endless possibilities!
Setting it up isn’t a hassle
It’s a ritualistic process
Making sure things are in a similar place
Getting a fun new ringtone
Updating the background and lock screen images
Finding a new case to show off my new style/device
Sure, there will be two more iPhones out before I get another
But right now
This one is new to me
And I am pumped!


Renovating is dirty
Kids are dirty
Without a functional vacuum cleaner
Nothing is ever really clean
There is no carpet in our house
Just two large area rugs
One in the living room
One in the boys’ room
I plead my case to Casey
We need a new vacuum!
It takes him trying to use it for him to realize
It is time
We load up the car with kids, snacks, etc.
Heading to Costco for an upgrade
A woman desperately tries selling a handheld Dyson
How long does the battery last?
20 minutes
We find a Bissell Crosswave**
Perfect for multi-surface
Picks up food AND liquid!
We buy it and I realize
I am geeking out about a vacuum
Better yet “mom-ing out”
We bust that thing out of the box as soon as we arrive home
Playing with all the parts and cleaners
Hitting the rugs first
Casey and I both revel in the amount of dirt
Not sure whether to be grossed out or excited
Endless possibilities!

**I was not paid to endorse these products. They are only included for the sake of the story. I am all about transparency here!


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