Mom vs. Jess: Singing in the Car


Casey and I take a drive
No matter where (my parents’ house or his)
We plug in the tunes and belt our favorites
Doesn’t matter what the content of the song is
Lyrically, we drop “f” bombs left and right
Musically, the bass and volume are up
Going through Pandora or playlists
The next song is anyone’s guess
Either we roll with a song or turn it
Our jam session is entirely up to us
As we ride off to our destination in harmony.


The kids are still somewhat young enough
That if we swear they won’t repeat it
So on a trip to grandma’s house
A couple songs with a dusting of colorful language
Is something we can get away with for now
We start jamming and singing
Harmonizing to our “oldies” (90’s/early 2000’s)
Some new songs as well
Until Henry starts shrieking in the backseat
After 5 minutes tops of being in the car
Casey and I share a knowing glance
And I queue up “Super Simple Songs”
It has been the only thing he watches/listens to
That calms him down
When he isn’t crying
We lose the feeling we may cry as well
So on it goes
Instantly, he falls silent
Oliver goes along with whatever is playing
And starts singing along
Casey and I know all the songs and the words
Even the whistle part to “Little Robin Redbreast”
To the point that we harmonize whistles
When the song ceases and the car falls silent for a moment
I look at Casey and say
Oh, I am so doing a post about this!







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