Mom vs. Jess: Summer Vacation


First is the small twinge of fear that comes with getting on a plane
As soon as those wheels hit the ground of the vacation destination
Relaxation ensues
Our first and only trip together before having kids
Of course, at the time, we had no idea what would happen in the next year
Upon arrival at the hotel
We all (Casey’s mom, stepdad and two brothers) had a drink in our hand
Ah, vacation
Day drinking, laying out, swimming, breathing in the warm foreign air
Being half naked around strangers without care
I burned the first day
So did Casey
We had our own room, which made us feel like adults
Though the only real responsibilities we had were rent payments and our two cats
Each night we stayed up late, drinking and enjoying ourselves
Going out one night until 4am to an amazing performance dance club
By the end of the week, we didn’t want to leave
But we returned home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated
And we haven’t felt that way since…


Panicking and packing for weeks, months?
Will the kids be okay on a plane?
Don’t get me started about sunburn!
What if I forget something?
I could go on with the stress-tionaire
The plane ride went fine
minus the glares from those around us that screamed
“Ugh, I have to be by two small kids!”
As a mom, you just have to say “Fuck ’em” and go on with your day
Kids require 10,000 bags and with babies that are 2 and 1
A double stroller is also needed
Vacation with kids began at 6am or earlier without fail
We had our own room (with the kids), that was destroyed by snacks and toys daily
Breakfast was a long walk away followed by the kids wearing most of it
Eating, coupled with the heat, expelled enough energy to require a nap
We hung out in the room for an hour or so getting ourselves ready for the pool
When the kids got up, it took half an hour to get them ready and coated in 100 spf
Though there was a swim up bar, at least one person had to rein in the drinking
It was nice to have grandma, papa, uncle Jesse and uncle Andrew helping us out
With just the four of us, I don’t think we could have accomplished it
I was constantly worried about the kids getting overheated
But celebrated the fact that Casey, the kids, and I left sunburn free…and tan free
When you put 100 spf on someone else chances are it’s on you as well
So, might as well have an even tone of white and just use the same sunscreen
After swimming, we took a four person shower to be efficient
On the last day of the trip, we attempted to get a family photo on the beach
Henry decided to nap instead
All attempts to wake him up failed, but we still got the pictures
When the week was up, there was a sense of relief
Casey and I needed a vacation from our vacation
When the kids are older it will be easier
The one thing I do miss…
The most relaxing part of a mom’s vacation with kids.


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