Mom vs. Jess: How My Clothes Get Ruined

Jess: Casey and I thought we would try separating Our clothes, I mean With this method, we could bleach our whites With new clothes from Christmas We wanted to keep whites white and colors vibrant It worked at first Until the day the bleach cap wasn't fully secured over the spout And the entirety of the… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: How My Clothes Get Ruined


Mom vs. Jess: Watching TV

Jess Casey and I subscribe to Netflix There are almost too many shows to binge on We become Netflix gluttons Constantly watching and finishing shows Eating good food Drinking wine, beer, whatever Couch cuddling Common phrase: Let's watch our show No distractions or disturbances Revisiting this routine daily Falling asleep around 10 or later. Mom… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Watching TV


Mom vs. Jess: Weekend Shopping

Jess: Finally the weekend has arrived Saturday morning sleeping in Going out for coffee at Starbucks Who cares if a coffee is $4 for a tall Casey and I are in the car driving around We could go to the antique shops Casey suggests and we are en route We find a cramped parking spot… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Weekend Shopping


Mom vs. Jess: Clean by Definition

Jess: I love the smell of cleaning solvents When used, a space can smell clean Clean is walking anywhere in the apartment in bare feet No foreign smells A lack of chaos Clean is peaceful I start from top to bottom Taking my time Switching loads of laundry when I have the chance Casey is either… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Clean by Definition


Mom vs. Jess: Spontaneous Road Trips

Jess: Casey sends me a text mid-day Friday We should go to the casino in Minnesota  Under 21 at the time This was the only place we could play Blackjack Sounds fun to me! Let's go! After class/work, we would grab essentials Wallets Phones and chargers Snack and energy drinks Both taking turns in the… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Spontaneous Road Trips


Mom vs. Jess: Halloween

Jess: I love candy I was 18 when I last went trick or treating Went to one house and went back home 18 is too old to ask for free candy I will have to wait until I have kids to do this again That will be a long time from now! (Ha!) I love… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Halloween


Mom vs. Jess: Moments of Silence

Jess: Outside is noisy Work is noisy I just pop my headphones in Tune out the world It is peaceful, calm Nothing can destroy the sanctity of this moment Music isn't complete silence But it is containing my thoughts in one bubble One direction Not the lame boy band I have focus My mind is… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Moments of Silence


Mom vs. Jess: Re-Wearing Clothes

Jess: Haven't done laundry in a while Not sure when the last time was It's morning and I need a pair of jeans I begin to dig Diving into a full laundry basket Nothing. The bathroom floor? Nada. Under the bed? Eureka! Not sure how many times I've worn this pair They still look relatively… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Re-Wearing Clothes

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Mom vs. Jess: Being Sick

Jess: That lump in the throat signals it I am about to get cold My eyes covered in the concrete of my impending illness I will go to bed early tonight For now, Casey and I will relax and watch TV He never gets sick Not fair I take a bath That helps a bit… Continue reading Mom vs. Jess: Being Sick