Mom vs. Jess: Driving in a Blizzard


I am wide awake
Looking out the window
Seeing nothing but white
White mesmerizing diamonds
Casey is a pro at driving
In all weather conditions
Maybe it is just his calm demeanor
That calms me down
I fear we are slipping, sliding
He’s jamming along to the radio
We sing together
Distracting me from my thoughts
He sometimes like to drift around corners
Slowly of course
Just enough to scare me
He just laughs
At least he is enthused by the arctic weather of Iowa.


At 7pm in December
It is pitch black
Facing a 3 1/2 hour drive back home
From a Christmas Party in Chicago
The approaching blizzard closes in on us
And we start our journey going less than 40mph
We suspect that Oliver is getting sick
*Cough* Cough* 
Coming from the back seat
He is trying so hard to sleep
His carseat is working hard to prevent it
My stomach is in knots
Casey even looks nervous
We just want our kids home safe
No matter how long it takes
Or how late it is getting
How scared we are ourselves
Just wanting to get home
Oliver starts crying loudly
Unable to get comfortable enough to sleep
I reach back to hold his hand
As my stress level rises
Just get home, Just get home
Another mantra
He cries every other minute the rest of the way
The road is hiding under a billowy cloak of snow
Still inching along the highway
Until we finally get home safe
4 1/2 hours later.

3 thoughts on “Mom vs. Jess: Driving in a Blizzard”

  1. Oh those days where scary …now I have to worry because its not my husband or I who drive but my kids well one of them at the moment my daughter and Feb my son ughhh scares me every time when it snowing and she is working late … poor little guy hope he is feeling better. the life of being a parent.

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    1. He’s at daycare but I wouldn’t be surprised if they called for me to get him. I may hide my kids keys in bad weather once they start driving. “Oh, can’t find your keys? Guess you’ll have to wait until the storm passes.” 🙂


      1. poor guy not fun when they don’t feel good.Nice ! I like that idea I may have to hide their keys on days like those . hahaha yeah so not looking forward to my Son driving ….. 😦 Hope your son feels better soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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