Mom vs. Jess: Getting a Puppy


My dad gave me some money for my 20th birthday
Burning a hole in my pocket
After a lovely meal at Red Lobster
We found ourselves at the pet store
Looking at sheltie puppies
We weren’t going to get one
Until a random older women approaches
Her brother’s sheltie just had puppies
Throwing all logic out the window
We hop in the car and head to this random barn
Yeah, we are so going to get murdered
Deer blood stained the barn floor
Seriously, what are we doing?!
The man’s kids come out and lead us to the puppies
I just realized I was holding my breath the whole time
We have first pick and leave with Sienna
The apartment where we live doesn’t allow dogs
Oh well, she’s just so cute!
There are nights of crying and howling
Until we ultimately give the dog to Casey’s parents
The apartment owner had caught wind of the puppy
Sending a letter that we better not have a dog
Or we will be fined
Maybe we just weren’t ready for a dog yet.


Oliver loves animals
Don’t all kids?
Casey and I go back and forth about getting a dog
It would be sheer madness
On top of the current madness of having two under two
We look around, but not seriously
Mastador Puppies
The headline of the online ad
And they are adorable
We go see them that weekend
Falling in love with a tiny chocolate mastador puppy
Putting down a deposit, since she was only 3 weeks at the time
Already calling her by her name
Oliver loved her already
He can say her name with ease
When it was time to get her
The boys stayed with grandma
We gave Luna a night to acclimate without Oliver attacking
Once the kids were thrown into the mix
Chaos ensued
One baby is crying
One is scared that the puppy knocked him down
The puppy is sniffing around
Ultimately going to the bathroom on the floor
While we are trying to wrangle the kids and make them happy
At night
Kids cry
The dog yips and howls
They are all getting better
This is just now
We repeat to each other
What did we get ourselves into?
We conclude that it will get better with time
Soon our routine will become second nature
There is plenty of love in our family to keep circulating
We are learning, but we are ready for all of it.


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