Mom vs. Jess: Buying a Car


All I thought about before I was 16 was getting a car
My parents picked out a nice 1991 Honda Accord
Of course, I named it
By my birthday, I had saved up enough
Paying my parents back in full
When I was a sophomore in college
I traded Bob (giving it to my younger brother)
For a 1999 Mazda Protege
That lasted until a fender bender totaled it out
Buying a car was more of a “here’s what you are getting” transaction
I never picked the car I owned
Not sure if I was even on Bob’s title
I just trusted it was a good car and paid my parents back for it
What did I know about what I needed in a car?
All I cared about was whether or not it got me around
What additional features did I really need at that point?


Casey and I bought a 2007 FJ Cruiser when Oliver was an infant
At the time, I still had my Mazda
I even think I was still breastfeeding
Until my inevitable double-whammy pregnancy cut off my supply
It was my car that brought Oliver to and from daycare
Until my Mazda’s accident
Going from a two car to a one car family was difficult
The FJ had suicide doors
Meaning getting Oliver in the car was near impossible
Unless you want to always park miles away
To be able to swing the doors wide
And to potentially give your kid a concussion
At almost 40 weeks pregnant
I had to crawl into the back seat to get Oliver in
Just so I wouldn’t hit his head on the door frame
After Henry was born
Getting them in the car became an act from Cirque du Soleil
Casey and I finally wore down enough to begin looking
We needed something family friendly
Something with space
We sat in many cars before picking up the kids from daycare
Attempting to keep them out of the process as much as possible
Nothing makes a hefty purchase more fun than two screaming kids 😉
After a week of searching, we found a 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LT
Spacious, 4-doors, AWD, a sun roof, BUTT WARMERS!
I was giddy
Casey was a bit remorseful
The FJ was nice minus the fact that it hated families
Bringing the kids to sign the paperwork was hellish
Oliver was throwing crackers, kicking the desk, and grabbing pens
While Henry was screaming and constantly chucking his binky on the floor
Lucky for us, we already had a check from the bank
Signing minimal paperwork and out in 20 minutes
We transferred everything from the old car to the new one
Similar to the process of buying a new purse or diaper bag
It is moments like driving off the lot in a relatively new car
(One with all the necessary features for our family)
That I freak myself out with how ADULT we have become in two years!



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